“The very FIRST time you stack, you are a team LEADER and you MUST begin to think like a LEADER!” 

When you stack, you are building your team. You are the boss. YOU are in charge. You have begun your own business. YOU ARE A LEADER!

ME?! TODAY?! But…

Nope, no buts. The very first time you send in that chat message to “restructure your downline” you have taken on the responsibility of a team. You are now CHIEF!

The VERY first question a leader has to ask is: “Where the HECK am I going?!”

We are so glad you asked.  The first thing we want you to write down (you ARE taking notes right?!) is where you want to go.  For me (and hopefully you too!), I’m writing down ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND!

(Oh sister, I can’t wait to see you with that pin!)


Now, that we have a destination we must plan the route! What do we need?  Why I’m so glad you asked… let me grab my pen and draw you a map!


So if we KNOW that we are going to need 6 Amazingly Motivated and Exceptionally Enthusiastic leaders in the end, we can begin looking for them in the BEGINNING! These SIX people that YOU choose will be the people that you “go to work” with every day. They will be your core group of leaders. They will help you lead your tribe.


Knowing that, keep an eye out for people that you would trust to run a business for you. We don’t expect you to find all 6 at once. Just know them when you see them. Perhaps you only start with one or two. That’s fine, start stacking there but as you find people who inspire you, who are creative, intelligent, fun, great leaders, people with big networks, and ______________ (fill in your dream leaders here), leave them out and let them be a leader in your team. The best part? YOU decide who they’re going to be.


We hear ya! We love the way this is setting me up to work with people we absolutely ADORE every single day but how do we KNOW? How do we find the leaders of my team?

As you begin to sign people up and reach out to them about ER (you ARE doing  this right?!) business people will begin to emerge. It’s your job to think of these people strategically!

  • Do they need a boss?
  • Are they self motivated?
  • Will they be outstanding leaders?
  • What is their social reach?
  • Do I LOVE talking to them and motivating them?
  • Do they match my brand?

Are you starting to see how this works?  The answers to questions like these will help you decide where people go. Every person you sign up, you need to be asking these questions and either saving them for your leadership tribe or assigning them to a leader that will cultivate them and guide them in the way that they need to go!

QUICK NOTE: Sometimes you will be stacked under. This is AWESOME NEWS! The best thing to do when you start your business is let your upline know what kind of people you are looking for in your leadership tribe! You can always let them know what kind of people you work best with, what your brand is, and what you’re looking for.


Be brave, friends, and build that leadership team!