From a fellow Oiler:  "Let me just start by saying that I have 2 year old triplets. They spill things and eat them off the floor all day long. They get fingerprints all over the windows and press their faces up against the glass. I wouldn't put it past them to lick the windows haha.
Because Thieves household cleaner is naturally derived with plant- based ingredients, and provides exceptional home cleaning and purifying power, it's the only cleaner I trust in my home. I use it on every surface of my home including my windows and floors.
I HATE streaks on my windows and seriously questions if Thieves could be used on my windows but it's completely streak free! It leaves my windows looking cleaning and more crystal clear than any other window cleaner I've ever used!
I have to admit that mopping has always been something I dread but not anymore!! I use a steam mop on my wood and tile floors and I actually look forward to cleaning them. I just spray the floor with my Thieves cleaner and then go over with the steam mop. Easy peasy! Now I don't have to worry about the three toddlers in my house eating off the floors. I know they're clean and completely safe."

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