Essential Rewards is Young Living's loyalty program, or their "monthly subscription box". It's COMPLETELY customizable, from what products you want to order to what date you want it to process each month. And you get points back on your orders as soon as you enroll. You do not have to buy a kit to get started, and you don't even have to only order oils through ER. You can order laundry soap, hand soap, toothpaste, anything that Young Living offers. We use it to replace toxic items in our home monthly (laundry soap, hand soap, body wash, multivitamins), because who doesn't love FREE points back for buying things they would have bought anyway?! It is really awesome for people who are going to order products monthly!


If you are not on the business side or new to the business side, we are sure you have wondered what the acronyms in your Virtual Office mean. When you enroll in Essential Rewards, the only one you need to know is PV. PV is your Personal Volume. It usually aligns with the cost of a product. For example, a 15ml bottle Peppermint costs $21.50 and has a PV of 21.5.

However, the AromaGlide Roller Fitment pack of 10 costs $9.75 and has a PV of 0 and a Home diffuser costs $63.75 but has a PV of 38.25.

If you are not interested in taking a dive into the business side, all you need to do is maintain 50 PV per month to remain on Essential Rewards. If you are involved in the business and want to earn some awesome paychecks, you need to maintain 100 PV per month to earn those.

Think about it though...maintaining 50 PV is not difficult at all! You are enrolling in ER because you know you are ordering oils every month! You are not spending more money out of your monthly budget. You are simply transferring where you're spending your money. For example, I'm not spending money at Target on my body wash, laundry detergent, hand soap, etc. I'm buying all of that from Young Living instead! And I'm earning tons of points and free products while I'm at it! No brainer.

Whether you are on the business side or you just want to hook a friend up, you can also order products for people in your ER order and have the products shipped directly to them. You also have the ability use their credit card info! You could use your card as well and have them send you the money. Either way, they are helping your PV! It is a way to maintain your ER without buying oils yourself!

Amazing Rewards

Every Essential Rewards order earns you points that you can use toward free products! The percentage you earn back on your order will grow until you can earn a generous 25% back! 

• 1–3 consecutive months: 10% back
• 4–24 consecutive months: 20% back
• 25+ consecutive months: 25% back

The points really add up quite quickly! Let’s say you placed orders for the first 3 consecutive months and they were all worth 100 PV. That means you earned 10 points each month for a total of 30 points. For the next 9 consecutive months (4-12), you placed orders worth 100 PV as well. That means you earned 20 points each month for a total of 180 PV. So in one year, you earned 210 points!!!

The points you have accumulated are shown in your Virtual Office. Click on Essential Rewards on the right side of your VO.

So, what do I do with these points? Spend them! Your points act as a gift certificate toward any oil or product whose PV and dollar amount are equivalent (i.e. if an oil is 23.75 PV and costs $23.75). We like to hoard our points for a few months and then spend them on our favorite oils that are a little more expensive!

*Extra Freebies*

Every month there is a promotion that rewards you with amazing FREE products (yes plural!) when you reach certain PV minimums. Go here to view the currently monthly promo.   The structure is the same every month, just the products change. You still receive free products by placing orders outside of Essential Rewards, however there are always additional oil(s) you will only receive as a bonus for being on ER. Those are the items marked with an asterisk (*) – Bonus Essential Rewards Exclusives. This is, again, when you may want to ask people if they want to try one or two oils, and add things that you would be buying anyway. 

The structure for the extra promotional oils is always 190 PV, 250 PV, and 300 PV. Recently, they also added an ER exclusive item for Essential Rewards orders of at least 100 PV as well!

How to Sign-Up

To get started, login to Virtual Office and click the Essential Rewards tab on the left menu. Then you can add any oils or products that you'd like! Next, you will pick a process date (you can change this every month if you want). Follow the links all the way through, and click save until it says "Congratulations, you have completed your Essential Rewards order!"

Or, you can watch this video, as it walks you through placing your first order!