We hope you are noticing now that Young Living offers so many replacements for your everyday products! Instead of shopping at Target for your personal care products, supplements, and protein packed foods, you can get them from Young Living where you KNOW you are getting a pure, clean, toxin-free product.

Now we want to highlight a few awesome features about Essential Rewards.

The longer you are on ER, the more you earn back!

  • For months 1-3 you get 10% back on any ER order you place.
  • For months 4-24 you get 20% back.
  • For months 25+ you get 25% back. This is huge!!!

Special Gifts:

There are also fun gifts that YL is giving simply for being loyal and using Essential Rewards. You will get a gift at consecutive months 3, 6 and 9 and then a specially formulated blend called Loyalty at month 12! Loyalty is not available any other way and is a fun blend because it includes oils from each of the main YL farms around the world. So cool!

Also, note that you can only make 1 ER order per month! 

So if you are on the fence of whether or not you are going to need a certain product that month, GET IT! There is nothing worse (okay, maybe a few things) than having to place a Quick Order with no points back and paying for shipping a second time because you didn't put it on your ER order.

The longer you are on ER, the more they spoil you!

So how does one STAY on ER?? Oh, young grasshopper...lean in real close and we’ll pass on our wisdom.

The ONLY requirement to stay on Essential Rewards is to place a 50pv ER order every month.

This keeps your ER account active and gets you all the awesome rewards points back. It also keeps your place in the progression of % back earned. If you miss a month, then you start back at 10%.

So let’s say money is tight, and you can’t cover the 50pv by yourself. No biggie! Ask your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors if there are any oils or products they want to try!

  • Add those products to your order
  • Get the ER points

You can split the shipping on your ER. The DISCOUNTED shipping (because that’s an awesome perk of being on ER)!

Processing Day

When you setup your ER account, you pick a day to have your ER order processed and shipped. You can change your processing day whenever you please! As many times as you please! 

In your ER order, there is a button you can click that says “change your processing day.” Click it, and a calendar will pop up with available shipment days. The unavailable days tend to fill up more towards the end of the month, so try to change it early in the month if possible.


Something comes up and you missed your ER day, or if you are almost out of Lavender Mint Shampoo and need to get it out ASAP, do yourself a favor and hop onto Live Chat (LC) and let them know you want to push your ER order through TODAY. Even if the processing day is blocked out, they can still take care of it for you! Live Chat is great for a whole ton of things, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them.

**Whenever you make ANY changes to your ER order, be sure to keep clicking continue until you have “confirmed your payment option,” otherwise your changes won’t be saved, and you might be sad.


You wait until the mailman brings that glorious box to the door.


You can adjust your ER order at ANY time, as MANY times as you’d like!

This is perfect for those of us who decide to change our minds 30+ times before committing to something. (Anyone ever have a full shopping cart online and take 3 weeks to actually click “confirm purchase”? No? Me neither.)

Add to your order whenever you want, take away from your order whenever you want.

**Just make sure before your ER processing day that you confirm that none of your items are out of stock (OOS). Out of stock items don’t count towards your minimum PV requirement and will not be shipped (because there is nothing to ship). If you'd like, set up “PV Assistant” under the Essential Rewards tab to make sure this awful thing will never happen to you!