One of the most common questions we get when debating on whether or not to grab your premium starter kit is, if I sign up, do I have to sell?

And the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! BUT if you DO decide you want to get oils into your friends’ and family’s’ homes, we are here as your cheerleaders and will guide you in every step of the way!⠀

If you’re ready to grab your kit, you can sign up here at this link, message the person who sent you here or go to our community page here and click on their sign up link.

They will walk you through getting started!


Something often times people don’t realize when purchasing Young Living oils for the first time, is when you do so you are joining a “team”. I didn’t even realize the importance of this when I signed up! A community. Doing your research on who you are grabbing your kit from is SO very important! Even if you do not join the Young Oilers team, we encourage you to find a good support system!

As you’ve learned, the Premium Starter Kit is hands down the best value and best way to get going with oils. We couldn’t love it any more than we do.

We would absolutely love for you to join us on this “Oily Journey!” When you purchase the premium starter kit, you automatically become a Young Living member & will then receive their 24% off, wholesale discount on future orders!