Alright, moms and dads.

Let's kick the myth that it's ANYONE else's job to ensure our kiddos' products are safe but US, can we?

The FDA doesn't do it.

The companies profiting from the sale of the products don't do it.

There are products ALL OVER the shelves at stores right now that are filled with PROVEN cancer-causing chemicals. KNOWN to make our kids sick, infertile, and wreak havoc on their delicate body systems from the inside out. They know it, and they still sell them and come out with new ones all the time. Their job is to make money. Their job is not to parent our children or keep them safe.

Go read this article really quick.

Bottom line: Nobody will protect our kids if we don't. So let's quick passing the buck. It is OUR job to read labels. And it doesn't have to be overwhelming or hard!

So mommas, let's empower ourselves!

I challenge you to read the labels of the products you use on your kids today. Look them up. It's worth a few minutes! If it's something known to cause harm, THROW IT OUT. Regardless of if it cost you money. Regardless of how much is left in the bottle. Because I'm betting if you had a truly sick kid down the road, you'd pay ANY amount to make them well again, right? The goal is to keep them well from the start. And that starts with kicking out the toxins.

I also challenge you to look up the ingredients in all of the Young Living products that I'm about to show you–just for kids.

These are just the BEST. Ready?!


Get 3 pre-diluted oil blends designed specifically for your little ones!

  • 5-ml KidScents® Owie™ essential oil blend
  • 5-ml KidScents® SniffleEase™ essential oil blend
  • 5-ml KidScents® TummyGize™ essential oil blend


No toxic ingredients. None. NOT ONE. Infused with skin and body supporting essential oils. I'm always looking for opportunities to maximize the amount of essential oils that Ellie comes into contact with, so rubbing her down with all this goodness is the way to go! Not only are we not harming her by using these things, but we are also benefiting her! And that means the world to me.


Ellie LOVES this toothpaste. She might be the only toddler in the world who voluntarily brushes her teeth like 5 times per day. No fluorides, no dyes, no microbeads, no preservatives or artificial flavors. The perfect way to give your kiddies' teeth the perfect attention that they deserve. Bonus: It tastes awesome. So you should probably buy two because you'll want some!


I am constantly hoarding these whenever they are in stock. Ellie asks for her "bitamin" every single day after lunch. They're chewable multi-vitamins and provide kids with the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients necessary for healthy development. Without all the food dyes, sugar, and other junk.

The MightyZymes are an all-natural vegetarian chewable tablet designed to help children combat the negative effects of enzyme depletion and address each of the digestive needs of growing bodies. ALL health starts in the gut, so this is the perfect way to help support a fully functioning digestive system in our babes so their bodies can focus on all that growing and learning.


For the littles in your life that need their own diffuser (they all do, let's be honest), I give you the Dino Land, Dolphin Reef, and Sundance Diffusers! Cutesy colors and fun little landscapes. Kids get excited about it. The diffusers feature color changing LEDs, continuous or intermittent diffusing options, and auto-shut off. Perfect to pair with SleepyIze essential oil blend from the KidScents® Collection!