When you think of stacking, WE want you to think of it as hiring employees in your new business. The people you are signing up are not just your friends anymore but they are, in fact, potential business associates! When you change your perspective, it makes it a lot more clear how to build your team!

If the person you’ve signed up would not make a GREAT Vice President, do NOT keep them as a level one!  

Since we know that stacking is like hiring, I have 3 simple steps to stacking your new sign-up. (You’ve already decided to not keep them as a level one.)

STEP ONE:  Decide if your new sign-up is a probable big enroller. 

You can tell by: their social media. Are they interesting? Do you love following them?Are they funny and/or entertaining? Do they have a large reach? A member of several groups?

STEP TWO:  Consider (but do not rely on) relationships.  

Is your new sign-up in close proximity to a level one? If so, she could be a great addition to that leg for help at events and pooling resources!

Is there a positive personal relationship with a level one? This is a tough one. Where We usually like to stack people with their “real life”, sometimes we know that their business relationship will not be good for each other. This is where your own instinct comes in. If you know that someone will work well on a certain team but they’re friends, I think it’s in your best interest to find a team for your sign-up where THEY will shine and be happy. This is one of those areas where you really have to take case by case and really weigh the pros and cons and consult your upline!

STEP THREE:  Think about yourself!

Where are you? Are your legs even for your next rank? Do you have enough PGV? Remember, You can’t stack everyone under one person and wind up with enough in both legs for your first big goal. Always try to keep your legs even!

But I never intended for my legs to get all wonky...

I know you didn’t!  If your legs are wonky, it’s because you haven’t been following the strategy that I’ve set in this course. #knowbetterdobetter

To keep your legs from getting out of balance and to go back and fix your legs, I have some simple advice.

  • a heavy enroller should go to a smaller team
  • a great leader should go to a team short on leadership
  • a low enroller/kit sale with no intention should go on a team with the lowest OGV at that time UNLESS the kit sale has a HUGE social media following and could be talked into being valuable someday. It might not affect where you put them but think strategically if that’s the case.


If you think about your people like this and analyze your legs with each stack, it should very clear where you want to stack them!