There’s no “right and wrong” way to do it this business. This is all what works for you, your life, your team and your business.

But let's go over a couple examples:

I signed up two lovely ladies this week and was wondering if you guys could help me find a new level one and a new leader in my leg number 2!  Let’s meet the ladies…

Penelope Peppermint

Meet Penelope Peppermint!  Anyway, Penelope is a GREAT friend of mine. We met at church and our kids are in the same first grade class. I HEART ME SOME PENELOPE! Penelope is an avid Crossfitter and she is also a member of several other social organizations. Recently, she has been really transforming the amount of toxins she introduces in her family and I helped her find Young Living. She was STOKED about trying the oils and super interested in making money at home. Y’all, she even gave me some great ideas for some team building activities that would be fun for our team. She’s a natural leader!

lucy lavender

Oh, my darling Lucy! Lucy and I sit together every week at our kiddos soccer games. She is shy but she LOVES her oils. She’s always asking me questions about what oils to use and advice on scrumptious diffuser combos. She really loves to stay home and read and isn’t a member of very many social groups, although she’s never missed a PTO meeting. So far she really likes Young Living and said that maybe she would consider selling in the future. She’s focusing mostly on her kids and her hubby right now and mostly interested in using oils for her family.


I love both of these gals dearly!  Of course I do because they’re my friends! But if I leave everyone in my super awesome leadership team, I’ll never get ROYAL CROWN DIAMOND. And friends, if we don’t keep reaching and stretching for the end goal, we will never make it!

So what’s a girl to do? Well, STACK of course!

We know Penelope is a go-getter. She joins clubs and volunteers. She’s not scared of responsibility and a lot of it! We get along great AND she already has a few ideas to help ME! I know that if she’s trying to help me, she’ll definitely be motivated to help herself! Can’t you see, darlings, she’s a SHOE IN for a level one. She’s the gal you want in your leadership tribe!

Lucy (and her 100PV) will go great under a leg that I’ve already established. She will be a great leader if she decides to be and a probable orderer on ER. That means she will continue to help whoever I stack her under without her having the pressure of leading a team (yet).

FRIENDS! Are you seeing this? Is it becoming more clear to you? There’s not going to be a huge sticker on the one you should pick but if you think of each of your friends strategically, you will be able to start finding places for them. If I have 5 sign ups in one month and only 2 established legs and NONE of the new signups will make a great leader or have enough “gumption” to own her own business, I will NOT make ANY of them my level one. Each of these new sign ups will be stacked strategically under my other legs (more on this to come).

So should I stack WIDE or DEEP?

It’s not about stacking wide OR deep but about stacking with an end goal in mind. Basically, if you are considering each person you sign up and weighing their strengths and weaknesses against the strengths and weaknesses of the people you already have beneath you, your direction should be clear.

Only leave out a level one that you want to be a part of your leadership tribe AND stack the others underneath you dependent on where they will fit best with their team.

SIDE NOTE: you don’t get paid on anything past level 5... so if I were you, I wouldn’t stack below there!