We can see you just sitting there mind-blown by the info we just dropped on you! It really wasn’t as hard as you were making it out to be, right? When you know what your end goal is and your short term goal is, it will be SO EASY to strategically build your team to get you there!

No one can get to Royal Crown Diamond alone and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can get there. Seriously. YOU can.

This is your business. YOU get to make this and no one will take it from you.

But remember… if someone tells you something that is too good to be true, it usually is. And that’s true here too. Sorry to rain on your parade.

All of that IS true but working in PJ pants is STILL work. So if YOU are not proactive in coming up with strategies to engage your team, motivate your team, and to get your team REALLY EXCITED, you will fail.

You don’t have to be the biggest enroller, the funniest, the loudest or the most engaging but if you are unwilling to put the effort into learning your leadership style and LEADING the heck out of the people you are stacking, unfortunately, you will not succeed.

BUT GOOD NEWS! Everyone can be a leader. You are ALREADY equipped with everything you need to inspire others! All you need do is learn about yourself and not be afraid to lead!

You SWEETHEART, were born for this!