Let's take a few deep breaths and apply some valor....

Okay, now that we are a lot calmer, let’s talk about the red triangle. This triangle occurs when someone signs up under your link and instead of immediately swiping their credit card, they go make pasta or something.

So our job is to encourage them to make the BEST DECISION EVER and shoot them a message a day or so after the triangle of death (TOD) occurs and say:

Hey! I noticed that you made your account with Young Living! I’m so excited for you! I can see that you have made your account but cannot see an order. I always like to check in when I see this to make sure there wasn’t a problem with the order. I don’t want you to be waiting on something that’s not coming! If not, and you need help choosing a diffuser, I TOTALLY understand! That’s the hardest part! I can totally help you with that! I love the desert mist one myself!

And sometimes, if you feel like it would help, this could be a great time to be all “here’s a $10 credit on your account! Can’t wait to hear what diffuser you choose!”

Usually with that, I get a response about OMG I totally FORGOT to order! And then it’s pretty easy to resolve. Or sometimes… they just never respond… ever… like awkwardly ever… and you just have to, in the words of Elsa, "let it goooo!"

But seriously, we’re Young Oilers we don’t chase sales. Even sales that are *so* close to being complete. DEFINITELY mention to them that their order hasn’t gone through and offer to help.

Now, what should I do with that new member?

We will all get some of those Red Triangles over time.  Some will hang around for a while and you will never stack them.  Some may come back and complete their orders later and totally surprise you and you can count them towards your PGV for the month and help take you down the path to Royal Crown Diamond!