So you’ve learned all about ER and all it’s awesomeness of getting faster shipping, free products and one stop shopping for a non-toxic option for everything in your home. 

Well now we want to take it one step further. You’re on ER, you fell in love with an oil you got this month... let’s say it was Valor (which you WILL love, if you don’t already). You post about it on your FB or IG saying “LOVING this oil I just got! It has helped me gain more confidence and courage. 

A friend comments and says, “I totally need this in my life! Where can I get it?”

TA-DA!! You have someone interested in oils without even trying!

We, Young Oilers and Pure Joy are in the business of loving, learning, and living a healthier lifestyle and then sharing our journey along the way. We do not chase sales. We do not beg and plead. We simply share an honest, personal FDA compliant testimonial (more on that later) about an oil or product that we are using, and the rest will follow.

So here’s are little reminder: We never have to SELL people. Think about it… How many of you were “sold” a kit by your enroller? Or, quite possibly, did you observe your enroller’s enthusiasm? Feel their passion? Hear their testimonials? And then you CHOSE to try the oils? We imagine this is the truth for most of you. Nobody “SOLD” you…they simply introduced you to these amazing products.

So as we all put this thing into high gear, attempt to change more lives, and to reach bigger goals, We would challenge each and every one of you to replace the word “SELL” in your vocabulary with something like “SHARE or “INTRODUCE.” Just kick that word “sell” to the curb!!! LIKE NOW. Because honestly, that’s what we do! That small shift is what makes this team different and ABUNDANTLY successful.

Nobody here has a PhD in “SALES.” We don’t need that…as long as we’re speaking from our hearts, sharing our passion, and maintaining integrity while doing so, the introductions will flow!

Sharing Successfully & Oiling Resources

Coming soon.....beautiful images to share in groups, on your own social media accounts, etc. 

You Need to Hear This

Okay, SO. You’re using and loving your oils. You’re on ER and getting some great new products. You’re cleaning up your lifestyle and self-care methods. You’re AWESOME. Now what?

As you all already know, being a wholesale member of Young Living gives you the opportunity to do the business.

Yes. It’s an MLM. Please don’t let that scare you. Here’s why:

We are Young Oilers. We are like no other MLM you have ever experienced or WILL ever experience. We do business in the best way you can imagine. Like we mentioned above, we do not simply “sell”. We share. We try and then we fall in love with new products. We research the great things our new lifestyle is doing for our bodies, and we tell people about it. We are committed to improving our lives and the lives of others! AND IT’S THE BEST!

You’re already on ER, right? (If you’re not, let’s get on that!). Firstly, make sure your order is at least 100PV. THEN, we challenge you to use and learn about your oils, and then share it with your friends. Tell them how they are working for you or the benefits you are reaping from them. Social media, in person, over the phone, it doesn’t matter! Just do it. Next thing you know…your good friend wants to hop on board. You give her your sign-up link (find yours here), and she snags her kit. Guess what? You just earned yourself $50. Which means, your $50 ER order essentially just got paid for! Mom wants a kit? Now, not only did you get $50 worth of products for free, but you also have $50 in your pocket!

Isn’t that THE COOLEST? Once your business gets going, it only gets better from there. Take a gander at the compensation plan to get an idea of how you can get paid!