Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us as we walk through the Start to your Journey with Essential Oils.  
When we first heard about oils, we were a bit overwhelmed because they were so new.  If you’re like us, we want to take away the mystery behind EO tonight and help you get some really easy, practical tips on how to simply start applying them to your lifestyle as well as a bit of information about what they are!  

We are part of an incredible team that is growing by leaps and bounds and essential oils truly are becoming a part of a lifestyle.  They are bringing healthy options to families all across the world and in turn those families are coming away with incredible testimonies of how oils have changed their lives.  Mamas now have tools to help their babies when they are sick, instead of feeling helpless and unable to have any options when you’re just supposed to “wait it out” until that winter yuck passes.  Women are finding options to support their hormonal systems.  Men have whole food, natural meal replacements after workouts.  And our homes are transitioning to a “chemical free environment” that’s safe for everyone.

So follow along to learn more.  Below you can click on the pink box to take you to the next part of the class, or you can go to the table of contents on the left.  At the end of the class, you will learn more about how you can get started.  Let's go!